Completed Designs for Hodges Capital Conference Displays

January 28, 2010 — In preparation for an active season of conference presence, Fifth Street Design today completed the design of the conference displays for Hodges Capital, a mutual funds management acompany based in Dallas. Have a look here .

Launched Updated El Dorado Arts Council Website

January 21, 2010 — Following closely on the heels of the new brand for the Arts Council's new gallery and event venue, ArtSpace, Fifth Street just went live with the implementaion of that look for the website . The website is more alive with vibrant color, reflecting the wonderful palette used in the new space.

Completed Branding for El Dorado Arts Council's
New Location

December 23, 2009 — We happy to have presented the new barnd for El Dorado Arts Council's new gallery and event venue, ArtSpace. The location is a wonderful evolution that EDAC has sought to attain
for a decade. The brand reflects the range of quality visual, literary, and performing arts that EDAC is known for, as well as the inviting palette sleceted for the space.


Six American Graphic Design Awards

For over four decades, American Graphic Design Awards has been the biggest and broadest of our national design competitions. Open to everyone in the design community, their competition honors outstanding work across all media. For 2009, there were over 8,000 entries making this a highly competitive event, with only the best receiving the single level Certificate of Excellence.

Fifth Street Design was awarded Certificates of Excellence for these projects:

The San Francisco SPCA

  • Heart of Gold Society Newsletter
  • 140th Anniversary Event Program
  • “Caring has a New Address” Card
  • Leanne B. Roberts Animal Care Center Grand Opening Invitation

Cher Ulrich Fine Artist

  • India Battery: Everyday Heroes Brochure
  • India Battery: Everyday Heroes Poster

FSD Began Working with The San Francsico SPCA to Produce Collateral

November 7, 2008 — At their invitation, Fifth Street began working with SF/SPCA to produce collateral materials and advertising for their new facility. SF/SPCA is a leader in protecting pets. In January 2009, they will open the Leanne Roberts Center with the largest medical area of any veterinary hospital in North America and the second largest veterinary hospital in North America. The new facility enables The SF/SPCA to provide advanced patient care with modern surgery suites and examination rooms and increased medical services for companion animals of low income and homeless individuals.

FSD Began a Marketing Program for Exhibition India Battery: Everyday Heroes at the Liberty World War I Museum

September 15, 2008 — Cher Ulrich, a fine artist from Louisburg, Kansas, has selected Fifth Street Design to plan and design a marketing program including a website for her work starting with her major Exhibition at the Liberty World War I Museum in Kansas. Her work depicting our young Marine warriors was selected for a solo exhibition for the Veteran's Day weekend commemoration.

City of San Leandro Library Selects FSD for Branding and Marketing Program

June 25, 2008 — The City of San Leandro Library in California selected Fifth Street to create a brand and produce a marketing and information package. They intend to have this be a flexible information kit that serves their wide range of constituents and their even broader range of needs.

Community Mediation Center of Bozeman introduces New Website

May 5, 2008 — Today Fifth Street Design introduced the new website for CMC as part of the ongoing branding campaign FSD has created for them. We introduced our their new brand recently and are in the process of implementing the brand strategy throughout their materials. The benefit should be a higher level of awareness within the community, a greater perception of the professionalism and benefits CMC brings to the community, and with a higher utilization of services, a more peaceful and civil environment for the Gallatin Valley.

International Museum of Women Selects Fifth Street Design for Annual Gala Event Materials

January 7, 2008 — The International Museum of Women (IMOW ) selected Fifth Street Design to design and produce their Annual Gala event materials. This is the major annual fundraising event for this San Francisco non-profit that promotes gender equity worldwide. The program brochure that Fifth Street designed for the 2007 event won a national American Graphic Design award (see below).

March 22, 2008 — See the materials we produced in Recent Work .

Terra Grace's Website Goes Live [website]

November 26, 2007 — Today, Fifth Street Design rolled out the new website for Terra Grace, with a contemporary new look. Terra Grace supports girls and women in becoming the creative and visionary people they were born to be, connected to a strong sense of self, purpose, vision, and community through programs, publications, and consulting. Their Direct, Maureen Theresa Smith is also the author of First Moon, Celebration and Support for a Girls Growing Up Journey, and the soon to be published, One Hot Number! Have Your Way with Life, Money and Men.

Fifth Street Design Receives Five American Graphic Design Awards [download PDF]

Bozeman, MT — September 12, 2007 — Fifth Street Design announced today that they have received five American Graphic Design Awards from Graphic Design USA. These prestigious annual national awards are for design and marketing excellence, with this 45th year of the competition drawing in over 11,000 entries. This competition is among the most prestigious as well as open and democratic of all such design competitions. It is also among the most selective. Fifth Street Design has been previously honored with 13 American Graphic Design Awards in prior years.

The awards this year were received for:

  • SoluLink 2007/2008 Catalog. SoluLink is a bioscience company in San Diego focusing on conjugation chemistry.
  • Edgewood Center for Children and Families’ 2005 Annual Report and A Century and a Half of Helping Brochure, a major donor fundraising development brochure. The oldest children's charity in the western U.S., Edgewood helps children and families take back their future by working with them to overcome severe challenges like abuse, neglect, mental illness, and family crisis.
  • International Museum of Women’s Program for their major annual fundraising event. Founded as the Women's Heritage Museum in 1985, IMOW in San Francisco and in key regions around the world, produces exhibits, hosts public forums, sponsors annual events, provides teacher resources, honors unknown women from history, and recreates historic events.
  • Family Promise of Gallatin Valley’s Brochure. Family Promise of Gallatin Valley, Bozeman, Montana, is a non-profit network of diverse faith organizations working together as the only organization helping Gallatin Valley’s homeless families with children, and doing so with a success rate of over 80%.

The Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of California–San Francisco School of Medicine Selects Fifth Street Design for 2006 Annual Report.

Bozeman, MT – August 15, 2007 – The Osher Center for Integrative Medicine has selected Fifth Street Design for its 2006 Annual Report.

PDL BioPharma Enlists Fifth Street Design for Clinical Testing Program Marketing

Bozeman, MT — May 27, 2007 — PDL BioPharma, a biotech company based in Fremont, California, providing innovative therapies for severe or life-threatening diseases, has selected Fifth Street Design for the marketing of a patient enlistment program to include print materials as well as producing and managing the web portal for the program.

Lifelong Medical Care selects Fifth Street for 2006 Annual Report

Bozeman. MT — May 15, 2007 — Lifelong Medical Care, a philanthropic healthcare provider in Berkeley, California, selected Fifth Street Design to produce its 2006 Annual Report. Fifth Street was selected based on their experience with the medical and philanthropic communities, as well as their ability to produce marketing materials effective for fundraising.

Fifth Street Photographs Community Mediation Center's Annual Peacemaker Awards Event

Bozeman, MT — April 26, 2007 — Bozeman's Community Mediation Center (CMC) asked Fifth Street Design (FSD) to provide photography of their annual Peacemaker Awards event. Fifth Street provides this service pro bono in support of CMC. This is the second year that FSD has photographed this wonderful event which recognizes individuals in the community who have shown leadership in making this community more peaceful. Of particular note this year was a special award recipient, Greg Mortensen, author of Three Cups of Tea and activist working for education and women's rights in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Community Media Center of Bozeman Awards Branding and Marketing Program to Fifth Street Design

Bozeman, MT — March 14, 2007 — Bozeman's Community Mediation Center (CMC) has selected Fifth Street Design to provide a cohesive branding and marketing program to raise visibility and enhance fund raising result while reflecting the key role this professional organization has in the Gallatin Valley community.

International Museum of Women Selects Fifth Street Design for Marketing and Promotion

Bozeman, MT — January 24, 2007 — The International Museum of Women (IMOW) in San Francisco has selected Fifth Street Design to assist with marketing and collateral materials for their annual event. IMOW is a rapidly growing non-profit founded in 1985 as the Women's Heritage Museum with a global strategy to reach women around the world leveraging advanced technology, collaborative strategic partnerships, and a physical presence in San Francisco and in key regions around the world. In 2006, the Museum launched Imagining Ourselves, A Global Generation of Women, the Museum’s first interactive, multi-lingual online exhibit designed to reach a global audience.

SoluLinK Awards Product Catalog Project to Fifth Street Design

Bozeman, MT — January 7, 2006 — SoluLinK, a bioscience company based in San Diego California that focuses on advanced conjugation chemistry and services, has awarded design and production of its first product catalog to Fifth Street Design. This catalog will facilitate the marketing program Fifth Street is already involved with to educate SoluLinK's market on the extensive range of advanced and novel conjugation chemistry available.

SoluLinK Selects Fifth Street Design for Marketing Campaign

Bozeman, MT — December 12, 2006 — SoluLinK, a bioscience company based in San Diego California that focuses on advanced conjugation chemistry and services, has selected Fifth Street Design to help develop and implement a marketing program to increase visibility and market share.

Edgewood Center for Children & Families Selects Fifth Street Design for 2005 Annual Report

Bozeman, MT — December 9, 2005 — Fifth Street Design announced today that they have been selected to the 2005 Annual Report for Edgewood Center for Children & Families in San Francisco. Following on a series of high visibility projects for Edgewood, Fifth Street Design will be creating a communications piece to carry Edgewood’s development efforts into the new year. The selection process took over two months, with Edgewood interviewing several large agencies in San Francisco as well as Fifth Street Design in Bozeman. Fifth Street Design’s experience with and award-winning work for large, high visibility projects and philanthropic organizations, as well as their personal and responsive service, were the differentiating factors in winning this project. Earlier this year, Fifth Street Design was the only Montana company to win American Corporate Identity awards, winning two awards in this year’s competition and appearing in the published design reference book sold in bookstores internationally.
                                                    Download Press Release PDF

Fifth Street Design / Montana Selected for Marketing & Branding for Biotech Startup

Bozeman, MT — May 15, 2005 — Fifth Street Design has been selected to develop branding and marketing communications plan and materials for Microbion, a startup biotechnology firm with headquarters in Bozeman, Montana and a satellite office in Vancouver BC. Microbion is developing biofilm technology with applications in biotechnology and non-allied industries.


Fifth Street Design / Montana Wins Two Awards of Excellence
in American Corporate Identity’s 21st National Design Competition

Bozeman, MT — February 28, 2005 — Fifth Street Design / Montana announced today that their two entries into the American Corporate Identity 21 design competition have received Awards of Excellence, the highest award available in the competition, and have been selected to appear in the showcase book of the competition to be published in October. The corporate identity packages were for the O’Connor Hospital Foundation in San Jose, California, part of the Daughters of Charity Hospital System, and the identity package for Fifth Street Design in Montana.

American Corporate Identity is the only annual national competition devoted specifically to the field of corporate identity. The 20 previous competitions have provided a highly respected showcase for the very best corporate identity in use today in the United States. Fifth Street Design has had the honor of winning Awards of Excellence and being selected to appear in the Showcase books eleven times beginning in 1992. Fifth Street Design is the only firm in Montana to be recognized in this years competition.

Winners in previous competitions have included a wide range of work from large and small companies — including work for such giants as AT&T and FedEx. The American Corporate Identity annual is distributed to more than sixty countries.        

Click on image for larger view . . .
Download Press Release PDF  

Fifth Street Design /MT joins Bozeman Area Chamber of Commerce.
The Bozeman Area Chamber of Commerce serves businesses in the Gallatin Valley.

Fifth Street Design Now Two Companies

As of 15 July, 2004, the partnership is evolving into two separate companies, each named Fifth Street Design; one of the companies will be based in Napa County, California, owned by Brent Beck, and the other will be based in Bozeman, Montana, owned by Jerry Meek.

Each will have a national presence and will provide the same full range of services that they did for over 25 years. Jerry will will continue to support clients in the SF Bay Area, as well as new clients in the Rocky Mountain Region.

If you have any questions about this evolution, either Brent or Jerry will be able to discuss the change and suggest which company might be best for your business needs.

To aid our clients and prospective clients, this web site and the same email addresses and telephone and fax numbers will continue to connect you to either company.